Sunday, September 27, 2009

Project Runway Week 6

The challenge this week was to design a look inspired by a movie genre. 1 day challenge with a budget of $150. I was sort of bored with this challenge.

Christopher's dress and storyline were my favorite. He totally had me when he said vampire! The back of this dress was awesome. I felt like it was the most dramatic and costume like.

I liked Althea's design but I don't think it was special enough to win this particular challenge. It looked like something she would have made any other week.

Nicolas. Where to start. His dress was awful. He just annoys me. I knew he would be the winner as soon as he started talking about how he had always been in the bottom three 10 minutes into the episode. Hello foreshadowing! I cannot believe he won!

Then the bombshell. Ra'mon is out! Really? I was completely shocked. Louise hasn't even designed anything memorable. Until next week....

After thoughts:
1. Tim Gunn saying "big hot mess". I nearly peed my pants.
2. How spectacular were Heidi's black sequins leggings?

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Milk Maker said...

I was bummed about Ramone too. This was his only off week. And Christopher should have won..again. I think he will win it all. I'll bet you a dollar to a donut.