Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Project Runway Week 2

Sorry for the delay. I just got a chance to watch what I recorded while in Seattle. This challenge was hard! Create a form fitting look for a VERY preggers Rebecca Romijn.

Can I just ask...why is Mitchell still on the show? Seriously. That guy is an awful designer. Those shorts were bad. What pregnant woman would ever wear something that short. Two weeks in a row he has squeaked by. The judges obviously see something I am missing.

Malvin. That guy is a complete weirdo. He's the token strange designer. Remember the girl that spit marked her fabric? He named his look. I died laughing. "The mother hen and her egg". Once again what pregnant woman would wear something that draws more attention to her belly.

Shirin and Christopher were my top picks. Shirin's dresses was beautiful. That color and all the detail work.....she deserved that win. Plus she made a coat and lined it. Mitchell couldn't even make a pair of shorts look good in the same amount of time. I thought Christopher's design wasn't nearly as interesting as Shirin's but it was nicely constructed and flattering.

Two last things:

Heidi's killer suede ankle boots. Loved them.

Monique Lhuillier as the guest judge. Wow. They are pulling out all the stops this season.

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