Friday, February 27, 2009

Nesting Necklace

How cute would this be for a mother? Mother's Day is coming up, people. Love it. Sterling silver, made from 50% recycled materials and can be customized.

Happy weekend!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Yes please!

Hellooooooo....I likey! This pant is perfect. Cotton Sateen Editor Cropped pant from Express. I will be going to purchase them immediately. I love the whole look. Bronze peep toe pumps and simple white tee. These pants must be part of my spring/summer wardrobe. Pair it with a lime green scarf for a pop of color. Cabo here I come!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Friday night

28 books for $21.00
Got to love the Annual Metropolitan Library Book Sale

Friday, February 20, 2009


Twitter seems to be the new black. I certainly have become a little obsessed. It really is a fun way to keep up with your friends day to day activities and whereabouts without the invasive nature of Facebook or even Myspace. Which frankly, I have grown sick of. Tons of businesses "tweet" which I think is incredibly smart. Appealing to a younger demographic of people. I mean you can follow Zappos, Whole Foods, The City of Oklahoma City (a shameless plug) and even Edna's and her famous lunchboxes!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Friends of the Library Book Sale

Is tomorrow night. I have eagerly anticipated this for an entire year. I wasn't thrilled with some of the stuff I picked up last year (no offense to any people who suggested certain books). Just nothing I really wanted to sink my teeth into. Hey, I still only spent $20 and it helps a good cause. This year I am redeeming myself.
List of what I am looking for. Check.
Suitcase on wheels. Check.
Ticket. Check.
Friends who are on the lookout for a good find and are willing to throw an elbow or two to get it. Check, check.
It's a total adrenaline rush. All those books just sitting there....waiting for someone to scoop them up and take them home. I can't look through them fast enough. Totally overwhelming and chaotic. Normally, I hate that kind of environment. For some reason, I love this. To find that one book you have been searching for and only spend 50 cents or a dollar on it.....there is something so gratifying about that.

Cool jewelry

I should definitely own this fact, it would look perfect with what I am wearing today!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hello Spring.....

.....I have caught your fever. Hurry up!!!

Mardi Gras themed Bunco night

Last night was my first time to play Bunco. I must say I was pleasantly surprised how fun it was. I am more of a cards person and tend to be fairly competitive. This is a game of pure luck and no strategy. Everyone needs to participate in something like that every now and again. You even get the opportunity to walk away with a few extra dollars in your pocket.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Nights in Rodanthe

I watched this movie on Saturday night. Seriously, one of the worst movies I have ever watched. Save your 5 bucks and rent something else. My gag reflex got quite the workout. Super cheesy. I should have known. Being that the movie was adapted from a Nicholas Sparks book (which are hit and miss). I love Richard Gene. He is a handsome older man. But this was just too much. My biggest regret....making my poor husband suffer through this dreadful movie with me. He stuck it out. To quote En Vogue: "Whatta man, whatta man, whatta mighty good man!"

Friday, February 13, 2009

Conversation with a 5 year old

Our five year old neighbor came over to sell us some stuff and raise money for his school. Of course, I can never say no. He came inside with his Mom and Dad and was immediately drawn to the Valentine's Day gift I have just received from my mother-in-law. He quickly pointed out that I was on the left and Z was on the right. "Ya know, because you're taller." His exact words.

Happy Valentine's Day, lover. I like you just the way you are.


The Nash household had an interesting evening last night. We had a small electrical fire about 11pm. The good men over at The Village Fire Department came to give everything the once over and make sure there was no electrical damage (more fire) in the wall. All is well aside from being a little frazzled. Lessons to be learned: 1. We suck in pressure situations. 2. We need a fire extinguisher.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

About the Author

My friend Ashley did this "25 things about me" on Facebook last week. I have known her for close to 16 years and learned a few things I didn't know about her. Interesting things and a few that made me laugh really hard. I thought this might be a good opportunity to share some things about the person that writes this blog. Maybe you will learn something interesting. Something that isn't in my generic "about me" section.

1. I have had the same 6 cd's rotating in my car for the last 4 or 5 months. I am too lazy to switch them out.

2. I am compulsive about stupid things. Such as, the grocery list. It must be written perfectly with no mistakes.

3. I love bread. And cheese.

4. I have a small obsession with shoes and purses. I own way too many.

5. I like to read, but don't do it near enough.

6. I love expensive clothes but rarely buy them b/c I wear something 5 times and am already sick of it.

7. I am very impatient - especially while driving.

8. I love coffee with cream and a smidge of sugar.

9. I am married to a wonderfully talented man.

10. I am a bit of a germaphobe. I want to shower when I get home from Wal-Mart. Gross.

11. I hate to make my bed.

12. Birds terrify me. It's silly I know. Once they swarm never recover.

13. My Mom is one of my best friends. She is the best listener.

14. I own four pairs of TOMS. I tell myself every time I buy a pair "it's for the kids." See #4

15. I hate to clean up the kitchen after making dinner. It's the worst part of eating at home.

16. I can't swim very well even though I took swimming lessons as a child.

17. I wish I could play the piano.

18. I hate live TV now that we have DVR.

19. I love to read fashion magazines. I could sit for hours and look through them. I dog ear all the things I love.

20. I have two of the best in-laws a girls could ask for. I am very lucky.

21. I am definitely not a fly by the seat of my pants kinda girl..... I need a plan! I am married to someone who is the exact opposite.

22. I don't really care for ice cream but I love milkshakes.

23. Friday nights on the couch with a movie, the hubby and a pizza are the absolute best.

24. I would rather email than talk on the phone. I think I am turning into my Dad.

25. I love to gift wrap. My Mom always tells me I should start a business.

26. I have a very small family. I married someone with a HUGE family. It was overwhelming at first.

27. I think my brother might be one of the smartest people I know. My parents rank right up there.

28. I don't recycle. Isn't that awful.

29. I am really bad at math.

30. I could eat Chick-fil-A every single day.

31. I got my first cavity when I was 30. It was a rough day.

32. I decided this year that I don't really like my major. I wish I did.

33. My girlfriends are the best friends I have ever had. I feel blessed to call such strong, remarkable women my friends.

34. I like to garden. I never thought I would.

35. I love Vanilla Coke. I don't drink it very often.

36. I love to listen to really loud music while I clean the house.

37. I like XM Radio or commercials.

38. My husband bought me a fancy camera that I don't really know how to use.

39. I like to eat really salty french fries.

40. I like to read the actual newspaper. Not the news online.

41. I enjoy sending people personalized cards. I like to make them feel special.

42. I love to give the perfect gift. I enjoy the challenge of searching for it.

43. I like to sleep in but never can anymore.

44. My favorite movie in the 5th grade was Top Gun. I still cry when Goose dies.

45. My husband and I only dated for 8 months before we got engaged. It's the best relationship I have ever had.

46. Paseo Grill is my favorite restaurant. Vito's is a close second.

47. Christmas is my favorite holiday. I love putting up all the decorations.

48. I hate taking down the Christmas decorations. It's depressing.

49. I am terrified to ride a roller coaster. Never have. Never will.

50. I like to take long hot showers.

51. We have a Stella scooter. I have only ridden on it twice. It scares me.

52. I once ran into Wayne Coyne in the airport and acted like a babbling idiot. I was star struck.

53. I hate the taste of artificial sweetener. I want the real stuff!

54. Sun tea in the summer with fresh mint is the my favorite.

55. I am a worrier.

56. I love to eat breakfast for dinner.

57. I hate to be cold.

58. I hate wind. Seriously, I live in the wrong state!

59. In the summer, I love to wear dresses and flip flops. It is shocking how many I own.

60. I don't like onions. The texture is gross.

61. I listen to NPR religiously. I used to make fun of people who listened to talk radio. Now I am one of them.

62. I hate to ride in the car on trips. It is boring.

63. I love British accents.

64. I could watch the movie Love Actually everyday. See #63

65. Lavender is one of my favorite scents.

66. I love to receive flowers but I think they are a waste of money.

67. The best Eggs Benedict I ever ate was in Wagoner, Oklahoma.

68. I really enjoy eating everything bagels even though they give you bad breath.

69. I like mismatched coffee mugs. Each one has character.

70. I drink hot tea when I am sick.

71. I have to have lipstick, gloss or chapstick on my lips at all times.

72. I shred all junk mail that is addressed to us. I realize I am a little paranoid.

73. I write everything down in a planner. I can't function without it.

74. I love to listen to Death Cab for Cutie in the summertime while drinking a Mojito.

75. I have a drawer solely devoted to candles.

76. I am a pack rat. Verification that I definitely am my father. That isn't a bad thing.

77. I never carry cash or I will spend it on stupid things.

78. I can eat an entire meal and my lipstick will still be perfect. Talent, I know.

79. I hate to pump gas.

80. I love to have a refrigerator full of food. Endless options.

81. I love my Mom's meatloaf sandwiches.

82. I wish I was one of those girls that mowed the lawn.

83. I despise the post office. It's like they hire the rudest people they can find.

84. I took 2 years of French and I can't speak a word.

85. Red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting are my favorite.

86. Becoming a parent someday terrifies I try not to think about it.

87. I would get a massage every week if it weren't so expensive.

88. I don't watch scary movies and I hate haunted houses.

89. I do not like to be home alone.

90. I worked retail for 7 years and loved it.

91. My childhood pet was a dog named Heidi. She was my best friend.

92. I am dreading turning 32. Sometimes I wish I was still 25.

93. My first car was a maroon Pontiac Sunbird.

94. I miss owning a standard car.

95. I hate little paperclips. I only use the big ones at work.

96. Sometimes I like to stay in my jammies all day long and watch bad TV.

97. I have made one scrapbook. It was hard. I doubt I will make another one.

98. I used to deliver Meals on Wheels when I lived in Stillwater.

99. I like to dress up.

100. I love orange juice.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Blue Seven is bloggin'

Check it out! And how cute are those dresses.....

Go support locally owned businesses!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Patiently waiting....

......for his cupcake and the coldest glass of milk you will ever taste.

Friday, February 6, 2009

You be the judge.....

Option #1

Option #2

We have a newly redecorated & rearranged bedroom at home. The only thing lacking attention is the space above the bed. It needs something large. Here are two different ideas I found. I love them both and can't decide. Both would work nicely in the room and blend well with what I already have on the other walls. So, I employ your help. Which would you choose? I will take your opinions into consideration and then present the results to the real judge....the husband.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Return of Adolescence

The mother of all pimples is having a party on my face. Not to be dramatic, but this sucker is big. It doesn't seem to be getting any smaller after five days. I have doctored it and nothing seems to help. It is partially on the bottom part of my lip and painful...which makes wearing lipstick and eating rather difficult.

Conversation I have last week with my mother.

Me: I hate this weather, my skin is so dry. Moisturizer doesn't even help.
Mom: Maybe, you should make an appointment with a dermatologist.
Me: Nah, I never get acne anymore. I doubt that will help.

It's like all the underground pimples heard me and decided to show me whose boss! I wore a ridiculously obnoxious floral shirt yesterday in hopes of distracting people from looking at my blemish (which is much too dainty of a word for what I got going on). I do not think my plan worked.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I heart.....

The Queen of Hearts
she made some tarts
all on a summer's day

Does Etsy have everything? I have my friend, Marina to thank for getting me addicted to yet another website. Luckily, I have the perfect silver bowl (we received as a wedding gift) that these will reside nicely in.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Weekender bag

How cute is this bag? Perfect for a short overnight trip where you don't need to take much. I usually don't care for Jessica Simpson's purses so I was surprised to see this was part of her line. Makes me want to take a trip. Maybe it will mysteriously show up for me as a Valentine's Day gift...hint, hint Mr. Nash. Especially since I noticed it is on sale at Dillard's.