Saturday, September 12, 2009

Project Runway Week 4

This week definitely brought a much more difficult challenge. I must say the level of work has improved dramatically. I was impressed with a lot of the designs.

The remaining 13 had to design something for their models to wear to an industry event. So, their models were their clients. This was a one day challenge. Time was definitely a huge factor.

Here's my line up of hits and misses:

Gordana - The detail work down the front of that gold dress was impeccable. The dress looked fantactic on her model. Wasn't crazy about the color.

Christopher - Loved his dress. The green just popped out and said look at me.

Epperson - I did not agree with the judges. That dress looked like something a stripper would wear.

Carol Hannah - Loved her dress. Thoughtful use of texture. Wasn't crazy about the purple but that is just me hating purple.

**Althea - That look was by far the best. I think I need that suit. I think I could sell some ads in that suit. She deserved to win.

1. Heidi saying "Ya'll".
2. Logan - Umm, total cutie.
3. Was that long, curly haired judge a bit of a B?


Milk Maker said...

i agree! that judge was a B! I miss Nina and Michael! Where are they?

I loved the suit and the purple and the green one were my faves.

i need your predictions...who will be the 3 at bryant park?

Milk Maker said...

and yes, i'm sure you would sell a lot of ads in that suit. you could also sell yourself...considering the hemline.

Mixed Handbag said...

Picks....that is tough. I will say Shirin or Althea. Carol Hannah for sure. Most likely a man so I would say Christopher. I dunno. I think it might be a little too early still. This past week was the first time I have seen true design quality out of any of them.

What about you?