Saturday, September 5, 2009

Project Runway Week 3

Challenge: create a fun & fashionable surfware look with a teammate. This was a hard challenge. Three things came to mind immediately:

1. Working in teams = SCARY! See below.

2. Only 15 minutes to shop at MOOD = stressed me out and made me anxious.

3. Creating a second look (Avant Garde) on the fly. I believe Ra'mon said it WTF. (I am totally stealing that line.) Hilarious.

Skirin & Carol Hannah. Seriously, can that girl make anything ugly? The swimsuit/dress combo was fantastic. Their designs were by far my favorite.

Nicholas. Hated that light blue lace number that he made. That thing was so trashy. I am not sure how he got Avant Garde out of that. I did like how calm and complimentary his partner was of his work. It was obviously not her style but she was a team player.

Mitchell. That guy is a joke. This is a family friendly blog so I will just say that I think he is a complete d-bag. For whatever reason on the third week he was still around and again made something lame. In fact, something we didn't even get a peek at. An "alleged" swimsuit. I really thought Ra'mon's ship was sunk from the start. I can't believe he won the challenge. I did not like their finished looks. However, I was glad that this was the challenge that finally sent Mitchell home.

Epperson and Qristyl. Do I even need to say anything more? How embarrassing.

After thoughts:

Tim Gunn in flip flops, sunglasses and a blazer on the beach. Please tell me someone thought that was as funny as I did.

Rachel Bilson as the guest judge. I am not sure I care for her. Thoughts?

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Milk Maker said...

Skirin & Carol Hannah were my fave surfer look. but i liked the lime green number and am glad he won. he showed that he can work under tremendous pressure and still perform.
Tim Gunn in flip flops. I had a feeling he would have milky white hairless feet. I don't want to see that again.