Thursday, September 3, 2009

I heart Seattle

I just got back from a trip to Seattle. My good friend Layni came with me. Becky and I have known each other for 30 years. She moved there a year ago and it was high time I took a trip to visit her. We used our birthday as an excuse. Two of my cousins (side note: I always thought they were my second cousins until one of them informed me we are first cousins once removed) live there and so there were plenty of people to see and lots to entertain ourselves with. Can I just comment on how amazing the weather was while we were there. I have obviously been living in Oklahoma far to long. The temps were perfect and not a lick of wind. Light breezes are what they have. Can you remember the last time Oklahoma had a light breeze?

I don't necessarily have a favorite part of the trip because it was all so spectacular. However, receiving my birthday gift from Becky was pretty special. She got me a glassybaby. I know you are thinking what in the heck is a glassbaby. They are beautiful and apparently all the craze in Seattle. I am now the owner of this pretty piece of authentic Seattle glass. Choosing the color was hard. Real hard. The girl that helped me was very patient and let me look at 5 or 6 lit up. In the end, I went with my original pick, Hidden Moss. Might see silly to get so excited about a votive holder but to me it is something that will always remind me of my trip and my dear friend, Becky.


Jena Walla said...

I heart Seattle, too. I'm glad you guys had fun.

bgelder said...

love you too sweetie! nice blog post :)