Friday, September 18, 2009

Project Runway Week 5

This is probably my favorite Project Runway Challenge ever. Constructing a garment completely out of newspaper. I was so excited to see them do something like this. I sell newspaper advertising and have worked in the newspaper industry pretty much ever since I graduated from college.

Christopher's design was my favorite. I loved that way it moved down the runway. He really thought about all the details right down to the hair adornment. I also really thought Irina's trench coat was worth mentioning. What a creative idea. It was so different from what all the other designers made.

Follow up:
1. I must say that I was sort of surprised that no one made a garment out of newspaper crossword puzzles.
2. How about Tim Gunn getting mad after Johnny's bold face lie on the runway.
3. This challenge reminded me of the Dior dress from Sex in the City Season 3 (which is being recycled and worn again in the SATC 2 movie).


Milk Maker said...

Loved Christopher's dress too. I thought he should have won. I don't know about Irinas trench coat. I was bored. It looked like easiest thing to shape with some scrunched up paper. And buttons drawn with a sharpie? Crafty. I guess I'm in the minority on this one. But I stand by my very important and newsworthy opinion.

the sweetest girl you know said...

Finally got to watch it last night. Even Clint kinda got into this episode (even though he would never admit it). I thought Christopher should've won, too. And I absolutely loved seeing Tim get mad at the end... I can't believe Johnny lied like that! Hello!! Did he forget he was going to be on television? I'm kind of liking the diferent guest judges every week. Nina gets on my nerves after a while...