Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Return of Adolescence

The mother of all pimples is having a party on my face. Not to be dramatic, but this sucker is big. It doesn't seem to be getting any smaller after five days. I have doctored it and nothing seems to help. It is partially on the bottom part of my lip and painful...which makes wearing lipstick and eating rather difficult.

Conversation I have last week with my mother.

Me: I hate this weather, my skin is so dry. Moisturizer doesn't even help.
Mom: Maybe, you should make an appointment with a dermatologist.
Me: Nah, I never get acne anymore. I doubt that will help.

It's like all the underground pimples heard me and decided to show me whose boss! I wore a ridiculously obnoxious floral shirt yesterday in hopes of distracting people from looking at my blemish (which is much too dainty of a word for what I got going on). I do not think my plan worked.


Zach said...

You can barely tell it is there.

the sweetest girl you know said...

I hate how dehydrated my skin gets when it's cold and dry outside, so we have our Vicks humidifier steamer things going. They really help! And if you were close to Norman, I'd say come by and I'd help kill your pimple. I bet it's not nearly as bad as you think!