Thursday, February 19, 2009

Friends of the Library Book Sale

Is tomorrow night. I have eagerly anticipated this for an entire year. I wasn't thrilled with some of the stuff I picked up last year (no offense to any people who suggested certain books). Just nothing I really wanted to sink my teeth into. Hey, I still only spent $20 and it helps a good cause. This year I am redeeming myself.
List of what I am looking for. Check.
Suitcase on wheels. Check.
Ticket. Check.
Friends who are on the lookout for a good find and are willing to throw an elbow or two to get it. Check, check.
It's a total adrenaline rush. All those books just sitting there....waiting for someone to scoop them up and take them home. I can't look through them fast enough. Totally overwhelming and chaotic. Normally, I hate that kind of environment. For some reason, I love this. To find that one book you have been searching for and only spend 50 cents or a dollar on it.....there is something so gratifying about that.

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Fawn said...

I am freakishly excited about tomorrow night. And this girl's elbows will work for you! Good friends, good books!