Thursday, June 2, 2011

Observations & Annoyances

This post is dedicated to a few things I either need to get off my chest or things I have observed about the general public. Feel free to stop reading if you were expecting this post to be about cute summer shoes or my latest picks from Anthro.

1. People are loyal to which peanut butter they prefer. And they take it very seriously. I grew up eating Jif. As an adult, I tasted Peter Pan and have never gone back. Peter Pan is just better and you will never convince me otherwise.

2. All men hate animal print and sequins. That is a bold statement. I am well aware. I have honestly never heard a man say he likes either. In fact, they usually have a pretty concrete feeling about both, somewhat like my husband. He would prefer I not wear either. Ever, ever, ever.

3. Loud talkers on airplanes. What is with these people? Why does every person over the age of 70 feel the need to shout into their cell phones upon landing? I am really asking. There are others aboard the plane and we do not need to know your plans to eat at Chili's as soon as your ride picks you up in baggage claim. I don't know why this goes all over me, but it does. I feel like in general people don't realize how loud they talk in public. Overall, I am a fairly loud person and I seem to be able to control my volume in public. You should do me the same courtesy.

4. Dry cleaning. It's kind of gross if you think about it. It doesn't really clean your clothing. Am I wrong? Actually, to me it appears to bake steam in the dirt, sweat, etc. So, the next time you decide to pull out that power suit, make sure you don't sweat in it.

5. Condensed milk is weird. Plain and simple. I recently Facebooked about this and I got so many responses that went somewhat like this....."Have you been living in a hole?" "You've never tried condensed milk?" Yes, I am a 33-year-old woman who has never used condensed milk until last month. I had never seen it before, so when I opened the can my first reaction was I should call my mother, surely this has gone bad. It so thick and weird. I was pleasantly surprised at how good it tasted.

6. NBA players are dramatic. Whew. I mean Oscar winning dramatic. I grew up watching NBA basketball with my dad and little brother. They were huge Chicago Bulls fans along with the rest of the country in the 90's. With that being said, I never remember players throwing themselves on the floor after a gentle nudge from and opposing player, like they do in present day. It is just comical.

7. This next thing pains me to write....scrunchies are back. Remember that episode of Sex in the City where Carrie gives Berger a hard time about writing in a "scrunchy wearing character" into his book? Welcome to present day 2011. The land where I see scrunchies in all the stores I love. I am appalled. What has happened?

8. Oklahomans are generally thought to be friendly and relatively "leisurely" moving people. I will agree with this statement unless in reference to driving. Holy. Cow. When the stoplight turns from red to green, if you have not moved your foot from the brake to the gas IMMEDIATELY, then you should be prepared for one or all of the following things to happen. You will be honked at (with anger), flipped off or cursed at. We all have places to be people, but I can wait the 5-10 seconds it takes your brain to register the light changing and then telling your foot to press the gas not the brake. Sheesh. Relax.

9. The wind (This one is for you Becky. But I really feel strongly about this topic). I understand we live in a windy state. Correct me if I am wrong, the last time I checked I did not live in the Panhandle. "Oklahoma! Where the wind comes sweeping down the plains" Yup, I haven't forgotten the ol' state song. However, I also never remember the wind being this out of control. Maybe I blocked it out. But when you have to check outside before you get dressed for work to see if it's a pants and ponytail kind of day or if you might chance it and wear a dress, that is too windy for my taste. In comes my next issue. My giant curly hair, which grows to double in size every single time I step out in this wind. I am either going to have to shave my head or move to a relatively windless state (thanks to Google I am told that is Oak Ridge, TN).


Willis said...

1. Agreed
2. True
3. People suck
4. Worked in a dry cleaners. They clean your clothes.
5. Sounds gross.
6. Blame the Europeans. They started it.
7. No comment
8. 5 - 10 seconds? Way too long.
9. I'm bald. No effect on my hairdo.

StarPower said...

I have been waiting for this post and it did not disappoint. I figured your airplane annoyance would be that every single person you come in contact at with at the airport or on the plane feels the need to talk to you. Remember Seattle? love it.

Miss Marina Star said...

I really enjoyed this post! It's nice to read about you as well as look at pretty pictures.

Fawn said...

this post made me hanging out with you. that and the fact i've been listening to dcfc for about two hours. :)