Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I love dresses. In the summer it is basically all I wear. I await the arrive of "acceptable" dress wearing weather like most kids anticipate the last day of school or the first day the pool is open. About 4 years ago, a co-worker dared me to wear a dress everyday for an entire month (weekends excluded) without purchasing anything new. Killed it. Wore a different dress for 4 work weeks and had two dresses to spare. Granted, I didn't love every selection, but that is beside the point. Every woman has a signature piece of clothing they like. A particular style they wear with confidence. I feel good in a dress. Always have. Growing up my grandmother would make me an Easter and a Christmas dress every year. I would be so excited in the weeks leading up to the arrival of the "dress package." I vividly remember the year she made me a beautiful red velvet dress for Christmas and made a matching dress for my Cabbage Patch. Most all of the dresses are still hanging in my closet at my parents house in Stillwater. They are so special and I don't think my mom or I either have the heart to part with them. My childhood love of a good dress has never faded. In fact, when Anthropologie sends me an email saying they have just freshly cut dresses and they are on SALE.....you can imagine my reaction! Here are a few of my current favorites. **Technically, the last two are the sale dresses. I just loved the green & orange dress too much not to blog about it.


StarPower said...

sisters! my grandma made me clothes and matching outfits for my cabbage patch kid too.

Miss Marina Star said...

Dresses are my favorite part of summer too. You should move down here, not only would you be closer to me, but you could wear fabulous dresses almost 10 months out of the year!

On a side note, you better not pack more fabulously than I do, send pics of every outfit so I'm not to over/under dressed to stand beside you :)