Saturday, June 11, 2011

For Charlotte

Today was your birthday. You would have been 1-year-old. I have had a whole year to think about what I would write to you. The words have not come with ease. I have reflected on the last year and here are a few things I know for certain. You have two incredible parents who love you more than you will ever realize. Their love has grown to a new level and they have developed a bond only a couple who has experience something similar could understand. They take care of each other and realize the everyday uncertainties life can bring.

I am sad you won't get to know your Mom & Dad. I know you would have possessed their witty humor and easy going temperament. I am sad I won't get to teach you about fashion and take you shopping. I am sad that your grandma & grandpa won't get to take you out to their garden to plant flowers or teach you how to cook. I am sad your Uncle Zach won't get to take your senior pictures or take you to eat Pho. Most of all, I am sad we don't get the opportunity to see you turn into the remarkable woman I know you would have become.

This past year has been filled with grief, some good times and many hard times. Last night, we celebrated you with a lovely little party in your honor. We laughed a lot and for the first time in a very long time, I felt hopeful and saw all the promise the coming year has in store for our family. We miss you everyday and love you very much.

Your Aunt K


Miles of Smiles said...

This is beautiful Kathy. Thank you fo sharing.

Jena Walla said...

The loss of a baby - so pure, so innocent - is heartbreaking. I’m sorry you’ll never get the chance to meet her but I know she is shining down on you from Heaven. Life isn’t fair and life doesn’t make sense. Nevertheless, the strength and love of your family during these times is where you will find comfort. May you also find solace knowing that she will never be forgotten. Let her forever live in your heart.

Milk Maker said...


Miss Marina Star said...

You found the perfect words to commemorate your niece. I know how difficult it was to find hope beyond this sadness, but I was so happy to see it in your words.

Your family is amazing and because of that, we love and mourn Charlotte as well.

Thank you for sharing this.