Friday, March 6, 2009

Just your typical Thursday evening

Last night I was leisurely shopping at Target on North May. I was in an isle looking at ways to become more organized and there she was......standing by the hangers. Mrs. Wayne Coyne. So naturally, I did what most would do in my situation and followed her! I needed to get a peek in her basket. What does the wife of a famous rock musician purchase at Target? I am not sure what I expected. It was totally normal everyday merchandise. I, on the other hand, was forced to examine what I was carrying (not pushing in a cart)....a lantern, Q-tips and a bathmat. Odd combination. We are alone in the "outdoor accessories" isle and my phone rings. Normal in any other instance. Husband calling (who has no idea where and what I am doing) and his ringtone happens to be "Do You Realize?" Mortified. I then have to set all my merchandise down in the middle of the isle to dig for my phone, which is becoming increasingly louder. It was one of the moments where you just want to die. She looks at me and smiles, but what she's really thinking is that I am a total stalker. I am whispering to Z that I need to call him back. He doesn't know what I am doing, therefore doesn't understand why I am whispering. The experience has gone downhill fast.....ABORT, ABORT! Star struck, yet again.


Fawn said...

in addition to your telling of this story via e-mail, i also enjoyed when you told it to me again in person and threw your arms up in the air to sing: "DO YOU REALIZE?!?!"
but i totally would have stalked her, too. and probably even less gracefully.


Milk Maker said...

how horrible. you are a stalker..but you don't really look i'm sure she wasn't too scared.