Tuesday, March 3, 2009

50th Anniversary

In honor of her golden anniversary, I decided to dig out my Barbies and reminisce. My mother gladly brought them as she has been trying to get me to take all my stuff for the past few years. Barbies were a huge part of my younger years. I could play with them for hours and hours. Dress them and fix their hair. So, here they are.....in all their glory. Several things I should mention. I kept them in the clothing I found them in. Basically, I decided not to change them because I thought it would be a more authentic depiction. I also found concert tickets and a check (that I had made) in one of the gold purses. My husband and I were dying laughing. Even back then I had to have the perfect clutch to match Barbies outfit. And lastly, the cowboy boots that are worn with what appears to be a seafoam green evening gown. Classy! Happy Birthday, Barbie!


jenbowman said...

Elle! I love it!

Fawn said...

First, there's Nerd Barbie, altho I am sure they didn't bill her as that. Then, Will-Never-Be-a-Rock-Star Ken. Apparently Austin, Texas, Prom of 1985 Asian Barbie and Sexually Ambiguous Ken followed by what I can only imagine is Crack Pipe Barbie. I know that's a pink ring, but I see crack pipe and crack eyes. Seriously, look at them.
This is precisely why I stuck to A) dolls that come alive at night and B) He-Man.
This is hilarious.


Milk Maker said...