Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Onions & Vacation

Hi. I'm back. But only for a quick post before I am off to Vegas for some R&R with a girlfriend. I have been absent and downright neglectful of my little corner of the world wide web. LOTS to catch up on when I return. But for now......

Z and I attended the soft launch of Tucker's Onions Burgers tonight and..........I ate my very first onion burger. That's right, I ate something packed full of the thing I detest the most. Check out my bio, its right there "I don't like onions." But, you can't very well go into an establishment that has "onion" in their name and ask them to leave off the onions. I made my mind up on the drive over I was going to just go for it and try one. Lets face it, know one wants to be "that person" who special orders their onion burger minus the onions. I am happy to report the burger was awesome. I have made my husband so proud. Oh, and the Strawberry Limeaide was divine.

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