Sunday, September 25, 2011

I can't stop pinning!

I realize I have been rather absent from the world of blogging as of recent. Let me explain. It's because I am addicted to Pinterest. I literally cannot stop pinning......which has left me no extra time to blog. Pretty lame, I know. My husband pointed this out to me yesterday. I am too busy "pinning" and haven't really blogged much. Usually my absence it due to lack of inspiration or subject matter. Not this time. I guess he noticed because his RSS feed is filled with yummy dinner ideas and cute outfits, rather than my usual blog posts. It is just such a great site. A catalog of all the cool things I've seen online and can't ever seem to relocate. Recipes, links to blogs and DIY projects I want to try my hand at. No more bookmarking! Genius, I say!


Okie Prof said...

Love the new blog header!

Miss Marina Star said...

I am totally addicted as well. Might I add that it's also a PERFECT way to give gift hints to the hubs!