Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The return of frizzy hair and pimples

I've got a serious bone to pick with the beauty care industry. I've been living in deep-seated denial knowing this day would eventually come. ::::pause for effect:::: My favorite styling product and face soap have BOTH been discontinued. That's right. Why must they get rid of every product I fall in love with? I truly do not understand. I realized both were getting a little harder to find and would stockpile when I was in a store that carried them both. While in CVS this evening, I got a rude awaking. No more to be had.

Any woman will tell you she has spend countless amounts of money and time researching, sampling and testing just to find that one product that works with whatever her 'thing' is. I just happen to have two 'things'. Finicky curls and sensitive skin.

I don't want gel or mousse. I want a nice cream that is going to make my curls bouncy, non-frizzy and most importantly non-crunchy. This isn't the 80's. I really think the haircare industry thinks every woman has straight hair. Which is just a shame. We curly headed gals are a cash cow. We will drop the bucks on that one product we think will make our curls look their very best.

I've only touched on 50% of my current situation. I can't even begin to imagine what my face is going to look like at this time next month. I foresee a return to adolescence right around the corner.

You may have stopped reading this rant a few paragraphs back. Could I blame you. However, I can honestly say this is something that angers me. And my other half as well. Poor Z. First his brown, Gap flat front pant and now his favorite socks. Between the two of us we are first in line to board the bitter bus. I have literally watched my husband for all four years of our marriage mourn the discontinuation and try to replace the only pair of pants that fit him well. Laugh, but it's kind of sad. However, there is something about getting my distaste out there that almost makes me feel better. I am sure that will wear off as I am squeezing the last few drops from my product reserves.

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Ashley Klepper said...

Kathy, I am sorry. Bumble has a few new curl products you might like. Holding foam and reactivating mist. I know that you once tried curl creme, but you might try it again. I love love the mist. Mist layered with creme is fab.