Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Year of Three's

I would like to veer from my typical blog posting to wish my husband a Happy 30th Birthday! Also, Happy 3 Year Anniversary, lover. We got married on his birthday. Birthdays are a huge deal to me. I didn't want him to have to share "his" special day with "our" special day. He has been very cool about it all. Things like that don't bother Zach. One of many things that I find endearing about him. Which brings me to a short list of things that I love. I will do my best to leave out all the mushy crap.

1. He wears Birkenstocks or Vans with dress pants and a sport coat.
2. He is the most inappropriate person I know. But also one of the funniest.
3. He is giving. Incredibly giving.
4. He is everyone's best friend. It is rare to hear someone speaking negatively about him....unless it is in regards to his political views.
5. He knows all the words to all the Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan songs. And sings them really loud when he thinks I am not listening.
6. He likes to shop. Would never admit it. I love that he cares about his appearance. The man has more clothes than I do.
7. Until last May, he didn't own a swimsuit. He said......"why do I need one, I don't swim."
8. He gets really nervous if there isn't something vegan on the menu when we got out to dinner with Layni. He truly cares about his friends.
9. He likes to leave the house for work by 7:00 a.m. or earlier. He doesn't want to be late.
10. He is wildly talented. I am sure he is mortified right now. But there, I said it. I am allowed to brag on him today!
11. He doesn't know who any celebrities are. Or the names to any songs or who sings them. It's totally cute.
12. He is a total social engineer. Some would call him just plain nosey. I call it a man who knows how to do his research.
13. He is in a scooter club that he made up.
14. He cannot eat anything without some sort of dipping sauce.
15. He does not like to be the center of attention.


Milk Maker said...

so sweet! happy b-day zach!

Mostly Clueless said...

Zach is the best person...married to one of the most wonderful people I know. Happy Anniversary

Zach said...

If all of that would fit on a tombstone, I'd be making an addition to the will.

Thank you for putting up with me, your support and I hope you happy anniversary.