Sunday, October 4, 2009

Project Runway Week 7

The challenge this week was to design something to be sold commercially at Macy's and fit into the INC. holiday line. I love INC. One of my favorite Macy's lines. Blue was the chosen color palette. They worked with partners and it was a one day challenge.

All the judges were ooohing and ahhing over that dress that Irina made. I don't get it. It was so ugly. I cannot believe she won. Both of those looks were so ugly. I don't care for Irina.

Carol Hannah and Shirin's designs were my favorite. Followed by the look Logan did. I didn't care for the suit that Althea made. That skirt was WAY too short. I loved the detail on the shirt that Logan did. I would have worn both of those outfits.

After thoughts:
1. Tim Gunn revealing his distaste for leggings. I think my heart broke a little.
2. Michael Kors comparing Louise's dress to a shower loofa.
3. The birds noises Louise was making while sewing....WTF?
4. Layni asking me Saturday night if Heidi says Oopsy Daisy to people when they get eliminated. I could not stop laughing. I guess it sort of sounds like Auf Wiedersehen.

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bgelder said...

I had 2 Logan sightings in one week! Once at a party and once at Smith (bar near my house). He works at Smith :)