Monday, October 19, 2009

Project Runway Week 8 & 9

I am painfully behind on my PR blogging. I'm finally all caught up. I was going to write this grand combination blog of the last two weeks. It did not happen. Sorry loyal readers. Here are a few tidbits for discussion.

1. I cannot stand Irina. She just annoys me. That hateful face she makes. News flash: You aren't that talented and are far to cocky to be that mean.

2. I love, love the grey nail polish Heidi is wearing in week 9 (I think). I will be locating some very soon.

3. I want Carol Hannah and Logan to date. They are too cute!

4. Tim comforting Shirin. I felt truly bad for her. I thought Christopher was a goner. I was pretty shocked.

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the sweetest girl you know said...

Yippee, you're back to blogging!

I thought for sure Christopher would be gone. It seems to me like the judges have really been hating on him. I know he hasn't impressed the last few weeks, but there were two weeks in a row where I thought he should've won. I'm really hoping he will impress us next week!
Logan... he's just too darn cute!

And Irina... can't stand her attitude. I'm ready for her to have a bad week!