Monday, August 24, 2009

Project Runway - Season Premiere and All-Star Challenge

I finally watched all three hours of Project Runway this past Sunday. Two hours of which were the All-Star Challenge. The word disappointment comes to mind. Poor Korto. She deserved to win. I hated Daniel's line. The "athletic" feel was not flattering. The dress Korto made out of materials from the restaurant was incredible. Plus, she has big curly hair. I like a girl who has a mess of curls. Santino. That man is nuts. Not a fan. Sorry, Callie.

As for the season premiere of Project Runway. Some of those designers are an absolute joke. Not that I know the first thing about sewing or constructing clothing. I do, however, know a few things about fashion. I was rather sad to see that the show left New York for L.A.

Mitchell. That dress he made was hideous. His model was basically naked. Every season there is one designer who talks about how amazing they are and they totally bomb the first (and if you ask me easiest) challenge. Come on, make a Red Carpet gown. That should be every designers dream challenge.

Ari. You know the one who does handstands in the work room and wore the hooded geometric jumpsuit. Was that actually Samantha Ronson in disguise because Lindsay Lohan was the guest judge? I swear they looked identical and have the same bad taste. Whatever that was she made was absolutely tasteless. Micheal Kors said it looks like a metallic soccer ball.

The only two garments that were worth my wasted 60 minutes.......Christopher's (he won) and Shirin (that short sequin jacket over her dress was amazing). I like that someone who has no formal design training won the first challenge. Maybe it will help put some of the cocky FIT grads in their place.


the sweetest girl you know said...

Okay, first off... with the new season... that chick totally reminded me of Samantha Ronson, it was weird! Even though her design looked like something that would've been perfect for standing by, waiting on your spaceship to arrive, it was better than sewing a model in sheer, nude fabric, and sending her down the runway. I can NOT believe they let him stay another week. I really wanted to see what metallic soccer ball girl could come up with next.

I loved the winning dress. Loved it. And even though everyone called it safe, I loved Ra'Mon's dress. Can't wait to see what Epperson and Louise do next.

As far as the All Star Challenge... disappointing, indeed. The winning collection didn't impress me at all. Although I love Santino for his loud, obnoxious personality, I did not like his entire collection, either. His two solid colored pieces were hideous, but I loved the other two. Korto should've won, hands down. Her entire collection was amazing!

Did you watch the show about the models? I might watch an episode and see if it's worth DVR-ing.

bgelder said...

my friend Thao is going to a happy hour with Logan, the Project Runway guy from Seattle at 7 tomorrow, too bad you aren't flying in till then :( She knows him, his studio is abover her office :)