Friday, August 21, 2009

New IKEA catalog graced our mailbox yesterday

These are so cute and only $6.99 for the 6 pack. Does anyone spy why I must have these? Hint: right hand side....those cute little buggers that waddle. I love them! Not really sure that I care for the mushroom but I am going to ignore it because the penguins are too cute to pass up. If only the the middle pair had owls on them. My life would be complete.

After thought:
Apparently, I have a small following who I have disappointed this morning. I was not able to watch the season premiere for Project Runway last night. Sad, I know. It is recorded and waiting for me this evening. My profound thoughts on the first episode will have to wait until Monday. Please accept my apologies.....Carol, Glenda and Melinda.


Miles of Smiles said...

I love those! I have a friend that LOVES elephants. This may be a good gift.

Project Runway was awesome. Especially because of the names of all of the participants. Malvin. Yes, Malvin.

megan k said...

Hey, I'm one of Fawn's friends... Is she ok? She hasn't blogged in a long long time and I am kind of worried. I don't need details, just assurance that's she's ok! ;) thanks

Milk Maker said...

those are cute. but the mushrooms look a little psychedelic man. takes me back. back to Nam.