Friday, January 30, 2009

I hate trains.

What is up with Oklahoma City running the blasted trains in the morning when people are trying to get to work, at lunch when people are hungry and during rush hour when people want to go home? It is just annoying! I can count 21 other hours in the day that they can use the railways to transport stuff. There have been days when I have been caught all three times. Today, on my way back from lunch there was a train on the tracks (Western & Britton) just sitting in the middle of the road. Not moving. Honestly, I was patient for about the first five or so minutes and then the whole thing just started to make me angry. So, of course I called my husband to complain. He quietly listened and then closed with this....."Gee, hope no one got hit!" Nice, thanks. Now I feel bad.

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Milk Maker said...

i'm pretty sure the railway system doesn't revolve around okc lunch hours. :0)