Friday, January 2, 2009

Friday ramblings

I tried to make one of these about a month ago. I saw them in Lucky magazine and thought to myself I could totally make that! I still think I could have. The problem, finding little tiny pretty feathers. I looked. Hard. Oh well, Urban Outfitters just saved me the headache. I am told it will arrive on my doorstep sometime next week.

Blogging in my head. It is something I find myself doing a lot! I've had many conversations about this with friends and I am assured it is normal. Well, common might be a better word. Throughout the day, I find myself writing blogs in my head or when I am out and about saying "hmmm, that would make a good blog". When I haven't posted in a few days I feel pressure to find something interesting to write about. Does anyone else experience that? I do it to myself. I always turn something that is supposed to be fun or a creative outlet into a chore. I don't mean blogging is a chore. I just mean that I find a way to make everything into a big deal. Anyone who knows me should not be surprised by this. So, I am trying to relax a bit. Especially about the little things. I've been this way for 31 years......somehow I don't think it will come naturally. My parents gave me this great book in high school. Don't Sweat The Small Stuff. I had forgotten about it until yesterday afternoon. It was the only book that fell off the bookshelf as we were moving it (we rearranged the furniture in our bedroom - what a difference it makes!) I am taking that as a sign!

It has come to my attention that certain aspects of my site no longer work with Internet Explorer. I probably won't be fixing the problem anytime soon. Mainly, because I don't know how. Consider yourself informed. If you have noticed anything funny, you might want to consider using Firefox.


Milk Maker said...

cute! i always look at those and then envision clint's bewildered face.....he just wouldn't get it.

Fawn said...

I am a head blogger. Definitely. I have an entire written list of potential blog fodder. None of which I actually seem to blog about ... So it's common or else we all suffer from some weird obsession.

megan k said...

All the time! I find myself saying to my husband, "Ohhh, I could write about that." Not that he is listening. Then when you sit to write about something, the memory of what you were going to say disappears.