Friday, January 23, 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic

I eagerly await the release of this movie! February 6th cannot come quick enough. I have watched the trailer so many times.....I am actually afraid the movie won't be funny when I finally see it. I was reading InStyle magazine last night and there was a whole page devoted to this movie - complete with photos and designer information. The pink Zac Posen dress Isla Fisher wears is simply to die for. Patricia Fields is a fashion genius! She belts everything. I guess if I had a closet full of vintage belts, I would wear one every day too! My guess, the movie contains at least one Birkin bag.


the sweetest girl you know said...

Have you read the book? I read it, but it's been a few years. Maybe I'll pick it up one more time before the movie. I think it will be really cute, I love Isla Fisher!

bgelder said...

it does look funny. I think I have the book somewhere, but haven't read it. Big surprise! Missy and I saw Rachel Getting Married last night. Really good sister movie. Lots of great music. You'd really like it.