Thursday, December 8, 2011

Music: 2011's Offerings

I'm back! Just in time for my annual list of favorite music from the year. So, I'll get to it. Enjoy and happy holidays to all my Mixed Handbag readers (which I realize with my lack of posts has likely dwindled)!

You can check out my 2008, 2009, 2010 lists and reflect or laugh. Here are my picks for 2011.

1. ADELE – 21. Maybe an obvious choice, given my last post but, this album is so good. This lady can sing. I can't pick one song. The whole album is good.
2. Fleet Foxes – Grown Ocean
3. The Strokes – Taken for a Fool
4. Death Cab for Cutie – Codes & Keys. This whole album is good but my favorite song is definitely Monday Morning
5. Cults – I waited so long for this album to be released. My favorite is still Oh My God.
6. Other Lives – For 12 & Tamer Animals
7. The Head and the Heart – Lost in my Mind
8. Foster the People – Mainstream, yes....but you can't tell me you don't love Helena Beat or Pumped Up Kicks.
9. Florence + The Machine – Chic music, maybe. But I am obsessed with Shake it Out.
10. Feist – How Come You Never Go There
11. Bon Iver – Calgary
12. St. Vincent – Cruel
13. Dirty Gold – California Sunrise
14. Real Estate – It's Real
15. Mates of State – Sway
16. Cut Copy – Where I'm Going
17. The Decemberists - Rise to Me
18. Motopony – King of Diamonds
19. Givers – Up Up Up
20. Wilco – I Might


Miles of Smiles said...

It's so good to hear your "voice" again! Welcome back.

Willis said...

Question 1: So, Adele's album is your favorite album of the year?
Question 2: Where are the Black Keys?
Question 3: Why aren't The Decemberists higher on your list? I'm pretty sure they're your favorite band.
Question 4: Aside from Adele, do you listen to anything besides indie music?
Question 5: In regard to your The Head and The Heart song selection; isn't the consensus that Down In The Valley their best song to date?

The Hodges said...

Welcome back! I alwasy look forward to this yearly post! You'll be impressed, I actually know some of the songs/albums you posted!