Monday, July 25, 2011


I am looking for something similar to the frames below.
I need an 8x10. Wall hanging not easel back.
I would prefer lime green, orange or yellow.
Sounds like a fairly reasonable request.

More like impossible. I thought this would be easy. I have been looking for almost 8 months to no avail. I have looked everywhere. It has come down to this. My pathetic pleas to my fellow bloggers. Go ahead.....try and Google this style of frame. Tell me how you search for it. It's annoying. Pinkitzel (the cupcake/candy place Downtown) has incredible ones hanging in their store but will not tell me the name of the store where they purchased them. All they would divulge is they purchased them in Dallas. Please leave a comment if you have any suggestions or can assist with my quest for this frame. Sincerely, Desperate.


Dr. Brock said...

find an ugly old gold one and spray paint it =)

StarPower said...

I swore Blue 7 used to have something like this. It has been a while but I remember almost buying a blue one like this.

Miss Marina Star said...

Check Etsy and then repaint, with spray paint, into whatever color you wish.

slowjamz said...

uni bet if you talk to caleb, he can find some of these frames in the showrooms when he goes to market. the ones we ordered before were from Two's Company, but the biggest we got was 5x7. i'll still keep my eyes peeled at thrift stores.

slowjamz said...

*i bet, not uni bet. : )