Saturday, June 26, 2010

Modern meets rustic

image by jen ramos

I really love this office. This woman/girl/lady has really great taste and a snazzy blog to boot. I have been wanting to incorporate a small set of antlers into our home decor and this is the look I am going for. Modern mixed with a few of rustic touches. Ever since we got married and combined households, our taste has always been very eclectic. I asked Z what he thought about the antler idea and if he thought it was too weird. Normally, a question like this is met with a response similar to this "whatever you think." This time he said, I don't think our house is weird enough. This is why I love my husband. I can never anticipate what he will say next.


Milk Maker said...

love that. i also want some antlers...but not sure they would fit into my decor. :0)

Mostly Clueless said...

I'm pretty sure I have enough antlers for you both - get them out of my house please