Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Project Runway blogs.....or the lack thereof

It has been brought to my attention I have been slacking on my weekly PR blogs. I felt the need to explain my absence to the few of you that expressed how much you miss them. The truth is, I have been completely underwhelmed and rather disappointed by this season. When I say disappointed, I mean I've seen better fashion walking the streets of Oklahoma City. Harsh...maybe but I've never been one to sugarcoat things. Anyone who truly knows me knows I absolutely live and breathe fashion. I can't get enough. All facets of it interest me and Project Runway in some small way makes me feel one step closer. These are regular people trying to achieve their greatest ambitions. I admire that so much. Mainly because I LOVE clothes and it is so incredible to watch these designers, most who have no formal training, make wearable garments in one day. I am still holding out hope that every week is going to bring me back in and inspire me to blog about it again. What are your thoughts on the current season of Project Runway?


Milk Maker said...

sucks. the only thing worse is watching this season of the bachelor. try trying to blog about that.

Coffee with Clark said...

So show us rednecks the fashion of Oklahoma City that you see and admire to edjucat us'ns... I understand you have influence with a fairly good pixuretaker. I like reading what you post cuz I learn something from a diffrnt perspective (I just learnt that word). Ur enthusiasm and eye for neat stuff needs to be shared. Project runway should runaway.