Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Project Runway Week 2

This was a clever challenge. Designers were to create a look for an industry event out of a burlap potato sack. The finished products were absolutely amazing. Minus the hideous "flasher" dress that Ping made. Here were my favorites....

This dress was incredible!
I would have ever known it was made out of entirely burlap.
Very elegant. Jay deserved to win this challenge.

I think Amy used the fabric in the most inventive way.
I would definitely wear this.

I liked the sexiness of this dress.
Again, you would have never known this was burlap.
The fit was impeccable.

I don't really have any follow up remarks this week. Except for, does Lauren Hutton not look fantastic. I googled her...she is 67 years old. Amazing!

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the sweetest girl you know said...

Love the first two dresses you posted, but I really can't stand that last one. I think it's the way it fits the model in the chest area. It's too big. If I was standing next to her, I'm pretty sure I'd be able to see her whole boob.