Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Brrrrrrrrrrr! Why is it so cold outside??

Can you imagine getting to sleep in this bed every night? Perfection!

New Anthropologie catalog showed up today.
Of course, I love every single thing in it.
However, this particular photo/outfit is my favorite.


Milk Maker said...

it's is ridiculous how cold it is. it was even in the low 30's in Jax. ridic.

LOVE that outfit.

Coffee With Clark said...
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Coffee With Clark said...

The outfit is sexy, but I'd be afraid of the bed, especially when the bird in the nest poops in the night

thepowersthatbeokc said...

I saw this outfit today and love it too! I'm thinking it is a perfect outfit for you, my long-legged friend! Wear it for the both of us and I will smile for you.