Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Window Shopping

I'm not much of a winder shopper. Meaning, I rarely buy something I've seen on display in a store window. However, I can really appreciate a well put together retail window. Two companies that are really doing it right and stepping out of the box are J. Crew and Anthropologie. I know you aren't shocked by my second pick. I saw one of my very favorite window displays about two years ago at J. Crew. They lined the inside windows with newspaper and made small square cut outs that you could peer through to see the clothing displays. It was so original and different and I so wished I had taken a picture to post. Here are a few really great displays using common things in unusual and creative ways.

Wooden Hangers & Ribbon

Clothespins & Thread



One last picture for good measure. Ordered this dress and it arrived in the mail yesterday. It's even better in person. Looks great with my whiskey colored, riding boots & brown houndstooth tights.

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The Hodges said...

Very cute! I wish I were rich - I would hire you as my personal shopper!