Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Story Behind Our Christmas Card

I've had quite a few people ask questions about our Christmas card this year. I decided to dedicate a blog post to the how, why, etc. First off, we owe a HUGE thank you to my father. My idea would never have been executed without his carpentry skills and incredible patience. I really do think he can build anything.

Is this Photoshopped?
No, other than resizing the photo to fit the 4x6 postcard we mailed, this is all the real deal.

We did not insert our pictures onto this backdrop. We are really standing/sitting behind this photo wall that my dad built. Those are real pictures and picture frames hanging on the front of the wall. We took the glass out of all the frames to reduce glare.

How was it built?
The photo wall is huge and was built in two panels with hinges in the middle. This was done because a.) we had to get it in our car and b.) we have to store it somewhere in our house. It hangs on two six foot wooden poles. Wallpaper took the most patience because of the odd size of the panels. My dad, with Zach's supervision, painstakingly was able to line up the pattern on the edges of the panels.

What will you do with it now?
We plan offering the photo wall as an option at weddings and events that Zach shoots. Minus our family pictures of course.

Who are the people in the photos?
1. Zach holding a pair of very old antlers we borrowed from my dad. Originally, I wanted to hang the antlers on the wall, but that just didn't work. Zach made it work.
2. Zach with Wayne Coyne. If you know Zach well, there is no explanation needed on why this made it on the wall. And yes, we did send The Coyne's a Christmas card.
3. Zach's Mom & Dad
4. Us at Christmas last year
5. Santa.....I mean it is Christmas after all. Zach took this photo three years ago during Downtown in December and was our Christmas card that year.
6. Zach's great grandfather Pat Woolman
7. My mom as a baby
8. My parents, my brother and sister-in-law and Z & I
9. Me in a classic senior pictures pose.

It is a challenge to come up with a creative idea for cards every year. Last year I thought no one would really notice if we didn't send one. I will never make that mistake again. I realized that people appreciate the extra effort. I also learned that my husband and I work well together as a team. Even though we both try and "art direct" at the end of the day I feel good about what we created together. That may sound weird to most people but we like projects and the challenge associated with turning out something people will enjoy. So there it is. Our card. Merry Christmas, Nash Style.


Hope G said...

holy moly! you two are a clever pair. love love love the card!

Jena Walla said...

Love it - We sent the Coynes a Christmas card a couple years ago!

Miss Marina Star said...

I love it! I'm glad you were able to fully execute your vision this year (I remember the ornaments you tried to make a few years back).

As always, the Nash's turned out a superior product! Can't wait to get mine!!! :)

Bonney said...

I absolutely loved it! I was cracking up when we opened it. Thanks for sharing the background on this, it makes it even more special.
Love you guys!!

Okie Prof said...

Absolutely fantastic. It was clever, but now that you've explained it, with no photoshop, it is absolutely brilliant. Thanks.