Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Closet perfection

I literally had a pang of jealousy when I saw the picture of this perfect attic closet. I would die to have something like this. It is gorgeous!! My good friend, Sara, sent this to me. Her friend had it posted on her blog. Her friend got it from here. Sara knows my style. Imagine being able to see and store everything.......clothes, handbags, accessories, shoes, etc. all in one location. Whew! When you live in a matchbox this is something you covet and dream of one day having. I love my cozy, little, vintage home, but this is what women want! Or at least this woman.

*I would replace the mirrored disco ball with a antique chandelier.


StarPower said...

That closet is amazing. I would totally keep the disco ball though. :)

Miss Marina Star said...

I love this closet! My problem is that I'd never leave it. I'd just lay on the floor in my pajamas staring at all my beautiful shoes and bags.

Bonney said...

Wow! I bet Kendra would die to have a closet like this. Can you imagine helping her clean that thing out?! We'd be there for a week! ha