Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ode to my Father-in-law

You could find all of these things in his pockets on any given day. One knife and his handkerchief are missing. WOW. Z and I were astonished. Most women don't even carry this much in their purses. How does he fit all of this in Levis? Pretty resourceful.

P.S. Thank you, Larry for all your hard work and time on the electrical work and light installation. Looks great! We appreciate two weekends of your time.

Mixed Handbag to come!


Coffee With Clark said...

Kathy, This is a great post, such column material. Manchester's history of the day Kennedy was shot starts with what he had in his pockets.

Mostly Clueless said...

Can you find out how he fits all of this in his pockets? I need to learn to fit this much in my purse.