Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Red Carpet Roll Out......

Today is my 100th blog entry. Sounds cliche but I really can't believe it. I have had more fun with this blog over the last 9 months. My followers mostly consist of my family and friends but hopefully there is one reader out there that finds something I post interesting or something they didn't already know. So, in honor of my 1ooth post I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite things. This is obviously just a small sampling. But here are a few of my latest obsessions and hopefully a few future "possessions".

1. Zach - I think the photo speaks for itself. He is one of the people that encouraged me to start doing this. I also have him to thank for all the pretty design work you look at. Thanks for the photo, Layni.

2. Anything related to home decorating, DIY or remodeling. I can't quit thinking about all the stuff I want to do to our house. The list is forever long. Frankly, I think my husband is starting to get irritated. He would have been fine stopping after the kitchen was complete. These people are amazing. My design heroes. And their house is the same age as ours.

3. Blue Seven - Where I spend quite a lot of time (and money). There is always something new and unexpected. The people that work there are awesome and so welcoming. I will give my money to support a local business like that anyday.

4. Anthropologie and equally as wonderful Urban Outfitters. Anyone who reads this blog knows how I feel about Anthropologie. I love, love that store.

5. Books. And after looking at this photo - obviously knick knacks can be added to the list.
6. Food. We are foodies. Good food is important to us, therefore I tend not to have a problem spending money on something that serves as our main source of entertainment. Yes, we are those annoying people that take photos of their food.

7. Throw pillows. I can't stop. I love nothing more than to have an eclectic grouping on my couch. I don't think I have ever been to Target, Pottery Barn or Pier 1 without looking at the pillows.

8. Big jewelry. Rings, earrings, bracelets. The gaudier the better.

9. TOMS. Well, all shoes really. I don't discriminate. My aunt and cousin both purchased their first pair of TOMS while in Oklahoma for my brother's wedding. At Blue Seven. Starting to see a trend?

10. Anything in pairs. I have no idea why. I like the idea of two of something. Like these ceramic cranes or the penguins. It is totally cheesy.

11. Hibiscus. My favorite flower. I always buy myself a really nice one from Horn Seed at the beginning of the summer. The first year we were married, before we had purchased a home, one was actually stolen off our front porch. We used to joke that some homeless man probably gave it to his girlfriend b/c it was in bloom and so pretty.
11 blooms! I know, what a dork.

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bgelder said...

I heart you and your lists!